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Michael Saylor explique la „stratégie d’investissement gagnante“ mise au point par Bitcoiners

L’une des plus anciennes stratégies d’investissement dans le monde de la finance a été la persistance. C’est l’une des plus anciennes tactiques de négociation et d’investissement parmi les experts de l’industrie et dans le monde des monnaies numériques, elle est appelée HODLING. En tweetant à près de 200 000 followers, le fondateur, président et PDG de Microstrategy déclare que cette stratégie reste l’une des plus utiles en termes d’investissement et aussi l’une des plus utilisées au sein de la communauté Bitcoin.

On peut le citer en disant :

„Les investisseurs de Bitcoin comprennent que préserver l’énergie dans un monde où tout le monde la dissipe est une stratégie gagnante.“

Michael Saylor a soutenu de tout son poids Bitcoin cette année, lorsque lui et les dirigeants de sa société ont fait une entrée surprenante dans l’industrie des cryptocurrences, avec l’acquisition de milliers de Bitcoins. L’entrée de Michael Saylor dans l’industrie a été particulièrement surprenante car le PDG était connu pour ses prises de position contre les bitcoins et les devises numériques en général. En 2013, Michael Saylor a mis en balance les bitcoins et les jeux d’argent et, d’une certaine manière, a prédit un avenir sombre pour les bitcoins, en avançant que les bitcoins ne seraient présents que pendant un temps limité.

„Les jours de bitcoin sont comptés. Il semble que ce ne soit qu’une question de temps avant qu’il ne subisse le même sort que les jeux d’argent en ligne“.

Sept ans plus tard, Michael Saylor a raconté son tweet avec l’éminent maximaliste de Bitcoin Anthony Pompliano sur son podcast, où il peut être cité en disant „J’ai littéralement oublié que j’ai dit ça“. Ce phénomène fait surface peu après que la société de renseignements, évaluée aujourd’hui à 1,06 milliard de dollars, ait commencé à s’intéresser à Bitcoin, avec un achat unique stupéfiant de 21 454 $ Bitcoin, évalué à 250 millions de dollars au moment de l’achat.

Allant encore plus loin, M. Saylor a ensuite convaincu les membres du conseil d’administration de la société d’allouer à Bitcoin la quasi-totalité des 425 millions de dollars de liquidités de la société. Avec l’effet sur ses nouveaux tweets, Saylor semble soutenir la stratégie d’investissement qu’il propose, même si Bitcoin oscille entre deux prix tout en luttant contre la volatilité constante du marché.

La méthode traditionnelle de gestion des risques de l’entreprise consiste généralement à garder la société privée, à acheter des actions et à attendre la maturité et l’introduction en bourse après que celle-ci ait été rentable, mais Microstrategy prend manifestement une voie différente puisque la société est entrée en bourse avant d’acheter les bitcoins.

À l’avenir, l’année 2021 devrait être l’une des meilleures années pour Bitcoin. Techniquement, les analystes misent sur des modèles graphiques qui indiquent une tendance haussière qui pourrait faire passer Bitcoin au-dessus de 20 000 dollars. Il est également probable que de nombreuses sociétés d’investissement feront leur entrée dans le secteur d’ici 2021.

Investing in Bitcoin: a guide to living the dream with cryptomoney

Traditional investment methods no longer attract crowds.

Bitcoin and the 2.0 economy allow new generations to diversify their income with tools that are still little known to the general public.

Although the boom of the blockchain is, as we hear regularly, over. The general press has also stopped reporting the incredible gains made with Bitcoin since the beginning of the year.

There are now more ways to strategically invest your money by buying Bitcoin than there have ever been in the history cryptomoney. Investors have more choice and freedom in the way they invest, but also in the way they can move.

To make this investment, people have the opportunity to use Bitvavo, an extremely easy-to-use trading platform to buy Bitcoins and then keep them for several years.
The different investment opportunities

As the cryptomatics industry continues to expand, the investment options are becoming many and varied, especially as interest in this sector continues to grow.

Whether through spot markets or derivatives, there are many ways for investors to speculate on the future price of Bitcoin. Although the following list is not exhaustive, it will allow you to make an opinion:

Lending Bitcoin

Bitcoin lending is similar to that found in conventional markets, except that it is not credit-based. Loans are secured by assets, represented by fiat money or other cryptomoney. The Bitcoin loan offers an outstanding investment opportunity for many HODLers, who can ensure the preservation of their assets, while continuing to generate earnings through cash flows and market interest rates.

What makes this market so attractive to borrowers is not only the comfortably low interest rates, but also the ease with which contracts can be entered into. There is no need for lengthy credit capacity checks, as borrowers‘ assets can be used as collateral. HODLers can use their cryptomoney as collateral and maintain decent exposure, while using the loans to meet short-term needs.

Bitcoin „Options

Option is a common trading method in traditional markets. Options give investors the opportunity to buy or sell Bitcoins at a specific price. This means that you can buy or sell at a given, pre-determined price: the „strike price“.

This trading format does not obligate you to buy or sell any cryptomony. Options allow traders to speculate on the rise or fall in the price of Bitcoin, but do not oblige them to buy the crypto. To buy an option, investors pay a „premium“, which is usually much cheaper than buying Bitcoin itself.

If the price rises as the investor has hoped, the price per option will remain unchanged and the buyer (call options) can then buy at reduced prices. If the market falls as hoped (put options), the seller will be able to sell his options at a slightly inflated price.
Investment funds

Crypt funds or investment funds – regularly using Bitcoins – refer to the holders of a very varied investment portfolio, generally managed by a person or group of persons, other than the investor himself. Several investors may buy shares in its „funds“ and share in the profits.

The majority of the investment funds that exist in the cryptosphere are venture capital funds, while the others are generally regarded as protection funds. Venture capital funds are investment funds that are funded by multiple investors pooling liquidity to invest in small businesses or development projects, mainly in the field of decentralized finance and blockchain technology. Protection funds, on the other hand, manage portfolios that provide protection in the event of excessive market fluctuations.

The famous HODL remains the favorite strategy of cryptos lovers. The term comes from a user of a forum probably in an advanced state of drunkenness, having committed a typing error that is now cult.



5% annual interest on future digital gold: once again shifts the lines

5% annual interest on future digital gold: once again shifts the lines
We no longer present! Thanks to marketing and technological efforts that have outstripped most of its competitors, the company has become an essential value in the ecosystem. Determined to stay ahead, it offers eGLD token holders the opportunity to generate 5% of annual income, but also to benefit from an environment conducive to diversification.

eGLD, the newcomer

After making a major transition , Elrond evolved into Elrond eGold. At the origin of a new economic model based on scarcity, CEO Beniamin Mincu has only one dream in mind for his initiative: to become the new 2.0 store of value.

As crypto projects multiply without generating excitement, the Elrond blockchain is doing well thanks to its unique properties . Combining speed and security, the protocol allows transactions to be carried out at ridiculous costs, while displaying a dantesque scalability. The eGLD team can be proud of having developed a major solution, which could witness mass adoption.

Well aware of the unique characteristics of the project, decided to take the plunge by allowing eGLD holders to generate passive income . The returns differ depending on the user’s profile. If this one does not have any CRO token (the native token of, then, it will be able to generate only 3% of annual interest rate (retroceded in eGLD). If he has at least 1000 CRO tokens, then this rate can reach the sum of 5%.

One of the most beautiful growths in the ecosystem

The interest rates offered by are dependent on the token staker . They also vary depending on the savings conditions set upstream. Blocking your tokens for a period of 3 months turns out to be the optimal solution to maximize your profits. These will be slightly reduced if you shorten the blocking period to 1 month , or choose full flexibility.

While attractive, interest rates are only the tip of the iceberg. is renowned for making public an ecosystem that brings together all the services needed by crypto enthusiasts. Between exchange platform, debit card, staking , borrowing, farming, the assumed objective is to prevent users from the incessant comings and goings between different service providers.

After having formalized the crossing of 3 million users in July 2020, it is today the threshold of 5 million faithful which has just been reached. CEO Kris Marszalek also wanted to comment on this new step:

“ has had the privilege of growing from 1 to 5 million users in the space of 12 months. Our clients are extremely engaged, and as passionate as we are. I would like to thank them wholeheartedly for their unwavering support ”

Social Media Plattform plant Security Token Offering (STO)

CoinLinked, operator of a blockchain-based social network, wants to raise five million US dollars through a security token offering.

According to a press release, the episode plansto raise the blockchain-based social network CoinLinked in collaboration with Vertalo, Dealbox and Andes Capital for a regulated Security Token Offering (STO). For this purpose, Profit Secret offers investors shares in the company in the form of security tokens.

The digital securities are only available to accredited US investors and qualified non-US investors

With the Arbismart wallet and arbitrage trading platform, thousands of investors earn passive income (10.8-45% per year). The fully automated crypto arbitrage platform offers low risk, high return investments. ArbiSmart is EU licensed and regulated.

CoinLinked founder Jenny Q. Ta hopes that this will further increase the flexibility and efficiency of crypto holders in optimizing access to global marketplaces.

The current offering offers discerning investors an extremely selective opportunity to play a key role in the further development of our fully functional social marketing platform and the proven crypto-commerce concept of the degree of AI innovation.

CoinLinked offers users the opportunity to invest not only in US dollars, but also in Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDC and Tezos (XTZ)

The aim is to promote crypto currencies as a means of payment and thus revolutionize every industry, activity and transaction. To do this, they want to use the potential of crypto currencies. The social network enables users to earn a cryptocurrency called CoinLinked Coin. This is done by exchanging and commenting on contributions.

200 units of 12,500 CoinLinked Security Tokens each are offered at a price of $ 25,000 per unit. One token thus corresponds to a price of two US dollars. Payments can be made with US dollars as well as with BTC, ETH, USDC and XTZ. Ta plans to link the distribution of the security token to the social network and the payment platform. Thus the tokens would no longer be independent of one another. Ta compares the network with a hybrid, decentralized amalgamation of Twitter, Instagram and Amazon.

The ProBit platform will offer an exceptional reduction of -50% on Harmony (ONE) tokens

The cryptosphere is buzzing again, and good deals are also flourishing. Today, the South Korean crypto-exchange ProBit wants to offer ONE tokens, from the Harmony project, at half price!

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with ProBit.

Sales in view at ProBit

The ProBit crypto- asset exchange platform has just announced a special offer for these users. This Wednesday, September 16 from 4 a.m. (Paris time), the crypto-exchange is offering a 50% reduction on

This offer, which will last only 24 hours , require jeopardize (staking) of tokens PROB , native chips probit platform.

Depending on the amount of PROB involved (see table below), participants may acquire a certain maximum amount in ONE tokens. For example, for the minimum of 500 PROB to staker, the user will be able to buy for 500 USDT (in other words 500 dollars) of ONE tokens.

A maximum of 50,000 USDT from ONE will be available, with a minimum purchase subscription of 10 USDT.

Allocations available (in USDT) to buy ONE tokens according to the PROBs involved.
The Harmony project in the spotlight by ProBit
After the success of similar offers on MATIC , ARK and AVA cryptos , it is therefore the ONE tokens which today benefits from this highlighting by the South Korean crypto-exchange.

Harmony is a blockchain that is fast and secure for DApps (decentralized applications). Composed of sharding (a kind of parallel and interconnected mini-blockchains), and with its EPoS ( Effective Proof-of-Stake ) consensus , Harmony allows blocks of transactions to be validated in a highly secure manner every 5 seconds .

As for this halving of the price of ONE tokens, all the details of the offer are available by following this link

You can also visit ProBit’s Telegram channel for any questions regarding this exceptional promotion .

There are only a few hours left to enjoy those -50% ONE tokens, so hurry if you want your piece of the pie from ProBit!

For its newcomers to the platform, ProBit offers its French-speaking users an amount of 10 USDT !

To take advantage of the offer which will last until October 2, 2020, you will need:

register on ProBit,
enter a French number (or that of one of the countries concerned by the offer)
staker at least 500 PROB before the end of the event.
100 participants will be rewarded, and the list of winners will be released within a week of the end of the event.

Bancomat Bitcoin in ascesa; quasi 10.000 nel settembre 2020

Man mano che cresce la consapevolezza del bitcoin e delle altre crittocittà, cresce anche la necessità di rendere più accessibili queste monete e questi gettoni.

Come attualmente, i bancomat Bitcoin, noti anche come BTM

Come attualmente, i bancomat Bitcoin, noti anche come BTM, hanno colpito 9835 bancomat in tutto il mondo. Il radar dei bancomat a monete lo dimostra. Si tratta di un aumento del 167% rispetto all’anno scorso.

Gli ATM Bitcoin facilitano l’acquisto e la vendita di Bitcoin Profit e di altre valute crittografiche in modo facile e veloce. I possessori di crittografia possono scambiare le loro disponibilità di crittografia con le valute locali e viceversa.

Questi bancomat sono attualmente presenti in 71 paesi in tutto il mondo. Attualmente, gli Stati Uniti, il Canada, il Regno Unito, l’Austria e la Spagna sono in cima alla lista dei paesi con il maggior numero di ATM presenti rispettivamente in 7740, 860, 277, 150 e 104 località.

Inoltre, i paesi africani non vengono lasciati indietro, con paesi come il Sudafrica, il Ghana e il gigante dell’Africa, mentre la Nigeria è uno dei pochi paesi in cui si trovano gli ATM Bitcoin nel continente.

Sul numero totale di ATM Bitcoin a livello globale, Genesis Coin possiede il maggior numero di BTM installati in 3469 località. Attualmente detiene il 35,3% della quota di mercato degli ATM Bitcoin. Seguono General Bytes, BitAccess, Coinsource, Lamassu con 2883 (29,5%), 991 (10,1%), 602 (6,1%) e 516 (5,3%) BTM installati in diverse località.

Bitcoin e Altcoins ancora ampiamente utilizzati per il trading e gli investimenti

Il mondo attende ancora quel giorno in cui il bitcoin sarà utilizzato principalmente per quello che è stato progettato – la valuta per le transazioni quotidiane. Tuttavia, attualmente, la maggior parte dei detentori di bitcoin e altcoin detiene per alcuni guadagni finanziari – comprare quando è economico e vendere quando è costoso, investire in progetti rispettabili, o schemi Ponzi.

Si spera che questo cambierà presto. Con l’avvento del digitale nel mondo, c’è un crescente bisogno di freelancer. Questi freelancer, per lo più con sede all’estero, preferiscono essere pagati utilizzando le valute criptate – bitcoin e qualsiasi altro prezioso altcoin. Questo perché è il mezzo più veloce per essere pagati oltre confine. Inoltre, convertire i loro possedimenti in valuta locale non è una seccatura. L’intero processo di pagamento può essere effettuato in pochi minuti rispetto ai giorni utilizzando altri metodi di pagamento tradizionali.

Just Eat France ondersteunt nu Bitcoin-betalingen

Just Eat, een online voedselleveringsdienst heeft onder andere Bitcoin (BTC) opgenomen, die beschikbaar is voor haar klanten die in Frankrijk gevestigd zijn. Als gevolg hiervan kunnen gebruikers ervoor kiezen om te betalen voor voedsel dat aan huis wordt geleverd met behulp van de populaire cryptokaart. Dit is waarschijnlijk een onderdeel van het Just Eat redesign nadat het bedrijf is overgenomen door een nieuwe entiteit,

Bitcoin-betaling mogelijk voor inwoners van Frankrijk

Na een recente kennisgeving van de klantenservice merkte Just Eat France precies op dat het zijn betaalmethode heeft uitgebreid om Bitcoin te ondersteunen, met inbegrip van Google Pay en Apple Pay via zijn app. Ondertussen zullen de vorige betaalopties, waaronder PayPal, credit card, cheques of restaurantcheques, etc., nog steeds beschikbaar zijn voor de service van het bedrijf.

Omdat Just Eat France een van de toonaangevende voedselbezorgingsdiensten is, kunnen klanten met Just Eat France verzoeken om leveringen van bestellingen van meer dan 15.000 restaurants in Frankrijk.’s Gregory Raymond koos ervoor dat de door het bedrijf uitgerolde Bitcoin Evolution-betaling ook zal helpen om het gebruik van cryptocurrency’s door het publiek te stimuleren, in navolging van haar klantenbestand.

„Just Eat is een belangrijke speler in de levering van maaltijden in Frankrijk; dit initiatief zou kunnen helpen om het gebruik van cryptocurrencies onder het grote publiek te democratiseren“.

Just Eat Partnered BitPay

De Bitcoin-betalingsondersteuning op Just Eat France werd ingeschakeld in het kader van hun samenwerking met BitPay, een toonaangevende cryptocurrency-betaalprocessor. De Bitcoin-transacties worden gevolgd door de huidige prijs die door Bitpay in rekening wordt gebracht. Klanten zullen worden terugbetaald in euro’s, in het geval dat een Bitcoin-betaling wordt geannuleerd.

„Wanneer u uw eerste betaling doet, wordt de Bitcoin al omgezet in euro. Het tarief dat van toepassing is op het moment van uw betaling is dus het tarief dat wordt toegepast voor de terugbetaling“, aldus het bedrijf.

Ondertussen vermeldde Just Eat ook dat er geen extra kosten in rekening worden gebracht voor Bitcoin-betalingen.

Prédiction du prix Bitcoin Cash: BCH / USD tombe à 272 $; Le prix peut tomber plus

Le Bitcoin Cash glisse sous les moyennes mobiles à mesure que les activités de vente à grande échelle frappent le marché.

Pour le moment, BCH / USD fait face au sud alors que son prix se stabilise autour du niveau de 275,13 $. Le graphique journalier révèle que le prix du marché s’est effondré aujourd’hui, touchant son plus bas niveau quotidien à 272,98 $. Plus encore, la performance actuelle de la pièce est inférieure aux attentes normales des traders et la pièce peut continuer à suivre la tendance baissière si le prix du marché reste en dessous des moyennes mobiles de 9 jours et 21 jours.

Quelle est la prochaine étape pour Bitcoin Cash?

Si le prix du Bitcoin Evolution ne parvient pas à franchir la limite inférieure du canal, il existe un risque de nouvelle vague baissière. Si la pièce tombe en dessous des moyennes mobiles, le support initial peut être situé à un niveau de 265 $ où le prix du marché pourrait redémarrer sa baisse.

Cependant, le RSI (14) révèle la tendance baissière soudaine sous le niveau de 48, tout autre mouvement baissier pourrait conduire à des supports critiques à 255 $, 235 $ et 215 $. Néanmoins, un swing élevé peut amener les taureaux à une clé au-dessus des moyennes mobiles. Si cela est possible, la pièce peut déclencher un rallye haussier qui pourrait porter le prix du marché à des niveaux de résistance de 300 $, 320 $ et 340 $.

Contre Bitcoin, le graphique journalier révèle que les vendeurs montrent actuellement un fort engagement envers le trading BCH

Parallèlement, à la suite des récents signes négatifs, la tendance pourrait continuer à baisser si les baisses continuent d’exercer une pression accrue sur le marché.

De plus, lorsque le RSI (14) passe sous le niveau de 40, si les acheteurs ne parviennent pas à maintenir le support de 0,0230 BTC, le prix du marché peut probablement se concentrer sur la tendance à la baisse, le poussant en dessous de la limite inférieure du canal peut l’amener au supports critiques à 0,0220 BTC et 0,0210 BTC, mais un rebond pourrait amener le prix au-dessus des moyennes mobiles pour atteindre la résistance à 0,0250 BTC et 0,0260 BTC respectivement.

Großer Versicherer führt digitale Kautionsbürgschaften ein

Italien: Großer Versicherer führt digitale Kautionsbürgschaften auf Blockchain ein

Reale Mutua, ein großes italienisches Versicherungsunternehmen auf Gegenseitigkeit, kündigte kürzlich die Emission einer Blockketten-Bürgschaftsanleihe als Teil eines nationalen Projekts mit dem Namen „Fideiussioni Digitali“ an, das durch das italienische Zentralverbot unterstützt wird, berichtet Ledger Insights vom 7. August 2020.

Ziel der Digitalisierung von Operationen über Blockkettenbürgschaften

Die 1828 in Turin, Italien, gegründete Reale Mutua ist eine der ältesten und größten italienischen Versicherungsgesellschaften auf Gegenseitigkeit. Mit der Zeit Schritt haltend, setzt das Unternehmen laut Bitcoin Revolution heute auf aufkommende Technologien wie Blockchain, um ein größeres Maß an Transparenz und Verantwortlichkeit in sein Geschäft zu bringen.

Zu diesem Zweck hat das Unternehmen vor kurzem im Rahmen des nationalen Projekts „Fideiussioni Digitali“ der Banca d’Italia eine auf der Distributed-Ledger-Technologie basierende (DLT) Kautionsversicherung ausgegeben.

Für Uneingeweihte ist „Fideiussioni Digitali“ ein nationales Projekt, das vom CeTIF (Forschungszentrum für Technologie), dem Zahlungsnetzwerk SIA, der Technologiefirma Reply und der Versicherungsaufsichtsbehörde IVASS unterstützt wird. An dem Projekt sind auch fast 30 Banken und Organisationen beteiligt, die sich um die Digitalisierung der seit langem ununterbrochenen Bank- und Finanzindustrie bemühen.

Ausgabe von Bürgschaftsanleihen auf Blockchain

Die Ausgabe eines Bürgschaftsscheins auf der Blockkette ist ein bedeutender Schritt zur stetigen Digitalisierung der italienischen Bürgschaftsbranche, da sie von den Regierungsstellen für Bauverträge gefordert wird, die bei Nichterfüllung durch den Lieferanten auszuzahlen sind.

Angesichts der exponentiellen Zunahme von Betrügereien in der Branche würde eine blockkettengesicherte Kaution bei Bitcoin Revolution sicherstellen, dass das betroffene Finanzinstitut die Kaution wirklich besichert.

Insbesondere bietet die von der Reale Mutua ausgestellte Bürgschaft der Stadt Mailand eine Garantie für den Abschluss der von Milano Progetti durchgeführten Rekultivierungsarbeiten.

Gianluca Lorenzi, Leiter des Reale Lab 1828, kommentierte die Entwicklung,

„Die Reale Group investiert weiterhin in Innovation, in der festen Überzeugung, dass das Verständnis und die Beobachtung der wichtigsten Trends in der Entwicklung des Unternehmens, des Marktes und des Versicherungssektors einer der wichtigsten Erfolgsfaktoren für die Zukunft ist. Die Blockchain-Technologie wird wichtige Vorteile entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette bringen“.

Erwähnenswert ist auch, dass das Projekt die Unternehmensblockkette von R3 Corda für seine Operationen nutzt.

In diesem Zusammenhang berichtete BTCManager am 27. Juli, dass 55 italienische Banken die von R3 Corda betriebene Blockchain-Lösung namens Spunta für superschnelle und sichere Interbankabstimmungen und Datentransfers einsetzen.

El etéreo vence al rayo y al líquido en la carrera por el Bitcoin [BTC] a bordo

El Etéreo se está haciendo cargo de la implementación de la segunda capa de Bitcoin [BTC] dejando atrás a Liquid y Lightning Network.

La L-BTC de Liquid y la wBTC de Ethereum trabajan en principios similares de emitir una extensión de Bitcoin Profit como un token separado. Mientras que Liquid afirma bloquear los tokens en la cadena, la wBTC se almacena en Bitgo Trust.
Regístrate y recibe 10 dólares

Según se informa, la Federación de Redes Líquidas se sumó con 8 nuevos miembros, lo que eleva el total a 53. Entre los miembros figuran las principales bolsas de criptografía y otros proveedores de servicios y empresas de gestión de activos digitales.

Lightning Network es una propuesta de red P2P de canales construidos usando las direcciones de SegWit. A pesar del empuje de los JJ.OO. de Bitcoin y de su lanzamiento anterior, Lightning se está quedando muy atrás de Liquid y Ethereum. El desarrollo de DEX y otra descentralización en Ethereum también está adoptando el Bitcoin interoperable más rápido también.

  • Josh Stark, un empresario criptográfico, señaló,
  • hay ahora 20.048 BTC en el @etéreo
  • eso es: ~20x el total de BTC en @relámpago
  • ~8x el total de BTC en @Blockstream’s Liquid

La tasa de transacción en Bitcoin y el Etereo ha aumentado exponencialmente en el Etereo y está alcanzando los máximos de la minería en Bitcoin también. Esta diferencia en el aumento de los honorarios de transacción es la motivación principal para un cambio a otro relámpago o líquido. Sin embargo, la adopción de dApps de Ethereum es mucho mayor que cualquier otra plataforma de contratos inteligentes.

El aumento de wBTC es positivo para las características de Almacenamiento de Valor (SoV) de Bitcoin. Además, Ethereum creció significativamente este año con la incorporación de Tether en su plataforma. El siguiente gráfico muestra que el valor de la transferencia (en USD) a través de Bitcoin es equivalente a las transferencias de USDT en el Ethereum.

  • Transferencias de Bitcoin y USDT (Tether)
  • Transferencias de Bitcoin y USDTe (Tether) en USD (Fuente)

El creciente número de Bitcoins presenta otro caso de uso para el Etereo como capa base de cálculo.